Updated Jan 15, 2021

Our company

Who we are


is an online marketplace and business directory carefully crafted with innovativeness, becoming the frontier in providing solutions and solving 21st century problems. In nodulling our goal is to change the age long paradigm of doing business, rendering of services, and seeking employment. We are the hub where you can shop for the best quality products, hire best hands for the job, and a place where employers of labor with ease engage the best groomed applicants suitable for employment.

Our Mission

At nodulling, our mission is to remove the veil of middle-man and encourage free flow of business transaction without external interference, we are also poised to eliminate the age long practice of employing the “available” rather than the “desirable”. In our hub, for the first time in the job market, employers are given the choice of selecting candidates for employment based on specifics amongst the myriads of best groomed applicants ready for employment, thereby reducing the bottlenecks and cost associated with hiring and training.


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